How To Get A Hack License

Driving an NYC Yellow cab is an excellent way to earn money. At the end of every shift, even when a fare pays with a credit card - you go home with cash in your hand!

Getting your NYC TLC yellow cab licenses is not difficult. From start to finish, there are five procedures that average one month to complete and $500 in fees. If you are ambitious, the five steps can be completed with in a two week time period.

If you are a full-time university student, willing to work through the summer or on a regular part-time basis, you might qualify for an loan! Contact Mike K from Tuesday through Saturday (9am - 6pm) for more information 718-786-0640.

Now let's start with the check list of requirements you need to know before getting your license. First, you must be 19 or older and follow five simple procedures to get your license.

Step 1 - Preparing your documents.

You will need the following documents
1. Print out the three following TLC forms (Medical Certification Form, Child Support Certification, TLC Application)
2. Proof of Citizenship / Residency (Passport, Birth Certificate, Green Card, Work Permit)
3. Original Social Security Card
4. NYS DMV License - A, B, C or E Class. The TLC requires that all applicants owe no outstanding obligations to the DMV, NYC PVB, or NYC TLC. If you have a NYS license, the TLC will check this at the time that you file your application. If you have a New Jersey or Connecticut chauffeurs license equivalent, you will need a printed certified driving history. You will also need to obtain a certified document from your DMV stating that you do not owe them any money. This document must not be more than 30 days old.
5. Photo ID (Your DMV License fulfills this requirement).
6. Proof of Address - a utility, phone, credit card bill, or bank statement with your current address on it.
7. If you were arrested, a copy of your court disposition.
8. Payment receipt or cancelled check stating payments for PVB, DMV, or TLC summonses. Pay off all tickets before applying!
9. Visit your local United States Post Office and get three money orders for THREE different amounts - $60 (payable to NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission), $75 (payable to NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission), $25.50 (payable to Lab Corp).

Step 2 - Getting ready to apply.

1. Get a medial exam (pdf approved form). The Metropolitan Taxi Cab Board of Trade recommends the following two medial offices.

Dr. Kiyoon Yoon ($15.00)
Monday - Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
40-37 74 Street, Elmhurst, NY
(718) 478-9333
Subway - 7 train, 74th st - Broadway stop or E, F, R, V trains, Jackson Hts - Roosevelt Ave

Dr. Roman ($20)
90-20 Elmhurst Ave, Elmhurst, NY
(718) 458-7070
Subway - 7 train, 90 st - Elmhurst Ave stop

2. Take a defensive driving course BEFORE applying to the TLC. The TLC requires you take a class at an approved school. Team offers a free TLC approved class and you will need to call the garage 718-786-0640 to sechedule the next session. Alternatively, you can attend at one of the following following taxi schools.

Master Cabbie Taxi Academy, A DriveOne Company
24-05 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City
(718) 472-1699
HANAC N.Y.C. Taxi Academy
29-13 Queens Plaza North, 2nd Floor
Long Island City

(718) 433-0493
LaGuardia Community College
Taxi and FHV Driver Institute
31-10 Thomson Ave., Long Island City
(718) 482-5335

Step 3 - Submitting paperwork to the TLC.

Due to an increase in applications, it is recommend to visit the TLC Long Island City office in the morning. Submitting paperwork and fingerprinting is known to take up to 4 hours. Plan accordingly. The Staten Island office is open only through appointments.

Long Island City Office
Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
No Appointments Required
32-02 Queens Boulevard, Long Island City
Subway - 7 Train, 33rd / Rawson St. Station
Note: TLC entrance is on 32nd Place and Queens Boulevard
Staten Island Office
Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Appointments Required
1893 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island
(718) 815-3734 or 815-3735

1. At the entrance to the TLC Long Island City office you can visit a notary and have your Child Support Certification stamped for $1 dollar. DO NOT SIGN your form before arriving. You will need to sign it in front of the notary.
2. Bring your Medical Certification Form, Child Support Certification, TLC Application, defensive driving form, and your three money orders.
3. While at the TLC you will stand in a line and all of your paper work will be verified and you will have number assigned to you. Next, you will wait to see a processing agent to submit your application. Then you will be photographed and fingerprinted.4. Once you are done with the TLC it is recommend to walk a few block to LabCorp (31-00 47th Avenue, Long Island City) and take your drug test. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You will need a money order for $25.50 (payable to LabCorp) and your TLC "blue" receipt. Failing the drug test results in an automatic denial of your application.

Step 4 - Taxi School.

Once your paperwork is submitted to the TLC, you will be supplied with a "blue" receipt which contains your application number. You need this number to take taxi school. Every taxicab driver applicant must attend an approved taxi school for either the 80-hour or the 24-hour course. Taking the 80-hour course increases your chances of passing the taxi exam. If you know New York City geography, the 24-hour course may be a better option for you. Applicants must contact the taxi school directly to register for the course. You must submit your application before attending Taxi School, and you must bring your TLC receipt to enroll.
Payment is made directly to the schools and range in cost - $325 for the 80-hour course and $125 for the 24-hour course. In addition to this cost, applicants must pay $25 for each reserved date of testing to take the taxi and English proficiency test.
Note that every Thursday night, MasterCabbie offers a practice test for $25.00. Contact them for more information. Also note, you can only take the TLC yellow cab test at the taxi school where you attended the 24 or 80 course.
For taxi school scheduling options, contact the schools directly:

Master Cabbie Taxi Academy, A DriveOne Company
24-05 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 472-1699
HANAC N.Y.C. Taxi Academy
29-13 Queens Plaza North, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 433-0493
LaGuardia Community College
Taxi and FHV Driver Institute
31-10 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 482-5335

Step 5 - Taking the TLC yellow cab test.

As noted above, MasterCabbie offers a practice test every Thursday night for $25.00. Contact them for more information.
The TLC yellow cab test is a tightly regulated 6 hour test covering english proficiency, NYC geography and TLC rules and regulations. Distributed every Friday starting at 9:00 am, most applicants complete the test before 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm. You MUST take the test at the same location where you took your taxi school and most schools require you to register for the test before 5:00 pm the Tuesday before the test.
The test is broken out into two parts and operates as two separate tests - an english proficiency test and NYC geography / TLC rules and regulations test. You must past both to get your licensee, and you only have TWO attempts to pass. Should you fail to pass, you will be required to restart the application process. Consequently, once you have past one part, you no longer need to take that test again.
Most test takers who are proficient in english will not have a problem with the english portion. The NYC geography / TLC rules and regulations test is based on information you received in class and features an open map book portion. The test is designed to verify that you have an understanding of NYC geography, know how to read a map and are competent on the TLC rules. On the TLC web site you will find a list of informational guides and a sample test.
On the Wednesday after the test, the TLC notifies taxi schools of test results. If you have completed all of your paperwork, you should receive your TLC yellow cab licensee within two weeks.