Driving Schedules & Rates

Our Cars

Team Systems taxi cabs are Ford Crown Victoria's and the new extra long Ford Crown Victoria (with extra passenger legroom). We also have some Mini Van cabs.

All cars have air conditioning, safety partitions, power door locks and many have power windows. All cars have EZ Pass.


At Team Systems we have many different lease arangements, from single shift, to weekly, monthly and Driver Owned Vehicle (DOV) leases. Call us to find out about the latest competative lease rates, or about our many leasing option 718-786-0640

Team Systems also offers flexible lease arangements including two-driver weekly and monthly leases, steady cabs and driver owned vehicle (DOV) options. Call us at 718-786-0640 or come in to find out about all the options.


One of the greatest things about driving a cab is the flexible schedule. Do you just need to make a little extra money? Work one shift a week! Need more income? Work more shifts! You can make your own schedule. Are you in the process of looking for a full time job and need some extra cash, or maybe need some extra cash for the holidays? Work a few shifts a week!

The Day Shift

4:30 AM to 4:30 PM

The Night Shift

5 PM to 5 AM